I love reading blogs. I used to have a blog, click here to see it, then I stopped writing on it, for one reason or another.   I’ve often thought about starting up a blog again, well I guess now I have made that decision.

I have many different blogs that I love to read daily. I know there are thousands of blogs out there, not all of them get read by anyone at all and some get read by hundreds of people. I’m not looking for my blog to get read by hundreds of people, maybe one or two would be nice that way I can get other peoples opinions on things that are going on and around my life.

So if you have come across my blog or in the off chance that I gave you my link I welcome you. Thank you for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.


About Golden In The Valley

Just a girl married to an English Gentleman with 3 girls, 3 dogs, some fish, and some goats.
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2 Responses to Blogs……Blogging

  1. Jessica says:

    Stopping by to say hello! Found you from blogelina!

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