Hide and Seek Book Review

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek by Fern Michaels ISBN 978-1-4201-0184-3

Hide and Seek by Fern Michaels is one in a series of books called “The Sisterhood”. It is number 8 in the series. There are 21 books in this series so far. This was my first time reading a book by Michaels.  I do like her writing style.

Series books are my favorite types of books to read. Specially when I get caught up in the characters.  I love to know what continues on with them. I don’t want the story to end.

In this book the first few chapters move kind of slow, but it is giving you a lot of background information on the sisters.  Just in case you’re picking this book up as an individual and haven’t been reading the series. That can be a good thing but I also feel that if you have been reading the series the first 20 chapters might be boring to you.  If you have not read the series before then its good information to have.

As you move further along in the book it really starts to come together. The characters really move together and you know everybody has a purpose and what their purpose is. Each of the sisters have strong points and they have weak points, but when it comes to the weak points the other sisters make up for it.  So all in all they work very well together.

If you are the type who likes to read books where the woman or women is/are the main hero in the book then this book is for you. I do not mind whether the hero is a man or woman. In this book in my opinion the men we’re very weak and really didn’t have that many strong points. Where the women have lots of strong points and not very many weak points. There was a balance of weak and strong points between all the sisters but the men and the women did not share or balance out their weak and strong points as you would see in a couple or two people in a working relationship.

Other than that the book was very good. It is not a book that I would put on my shelf to read again, but it is a series that I would like to read more on.

Have you read this book? Or maybe one in the series? Or maybe even a book by this author?

I would love to hear your opinions or thoughts on this book or one in the series or even a book by this author. Feel free to comment below or email me.


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4 Responses to Hide and Seek Book Review

  1. phantom says:

    Fern Michaels as a writer, is not my favorite read. But if you can’t find anything else on a rainy day, then she is ok. However, if I had never read her and stumbled across this blog, Iwouldnt look her up. Your description of their weaknesses and strengths not balancing out in the female hero’s and the male characters being even weaker, definitely makes me wonder who would be the hero in these books. Fido maybe?

    • LOL I like that…Fido…LOL I do not think I would have ever read any of her books either. I read this one as it was given to me, when all my other books were still packed away from the move. As far as the hero, it is the women, but it has always seemed to me in any other book that when you have a male and female main character they balance each other….in this book there was no balance.

      • phantom says:

        I think I may have read this book, but not entirely sure. I have read some of her books but I don’t rush out to grab her books, which tells me that I’m not a big fan of hers. Give me a Scarpatta novel any day!

        • I think when I do the book reviews that I will try to add a photo. Sometimes reading the back of the book jogs my memory and some times it just take seeing the front cover. I will not rush out to get the next one either, but if it is in a bag of books I get from the library then I would read it when I do not have anything else lol. Yes so true on the Scarpetta books, any day, anytime. Now those are books I keep on my shelf and would come back to read over and over again.

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