Vampire Hunter Review

Vampire Hunter by Michael Romkey

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Vampires and the Titanic all in one book. What could be better?

In my opinion, nothing! Lol

I read about this book on Amazon while looking for another one, and thought I would give it a try. I love all things Titanic and of course anything with vampires comes in 3rd. Ask me what is 2nd lol. This book had all 3.

The Titanic part was short but it was still a nice read. It gave the people who believe in the supernatural a chance to dream. It was also nice to read about Titanic and not have to worry about if the author got any historical facts wrong. The Titanic was there, in the ocean, etc., etc., etc.

As you may or may not know, it takes me around a week to finish a book this size (300 pages). I read for an hour or so before bed each night. This was one of those books that I was looking forward to reading. I could not wait to finish my other book so that I could start on this one. I was hoping this book was going to be as good as I was lead to believe, it was better. It took me only 4 days to finish this book.

I really liked the main character Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I liked how he was described and put together. Of course him having an English accent made it all the better lol. I was even happier to find out that he was a real person. Of course, I just kinda stumbled across that part. I got an email from Heaven and Earth cross stitching and saw a pattern I really liked. So while looking at their patterns I came across a photo of a lady. It was quite a nice painting and I wanted to get a better look. I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and saw below the authors name, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Of course after seeing that I had to head over to Google to see if I could find a photo of him. I was glad to match a face to the name.

I recommend this book to anyone who like vampire books!

Below you will find what is written on the back of the book.


Entombed for almost a century in the corpse of the Titanic at the bottom of the icy north Atlantic, the Vampire is finally released by a treasure-hunting expedition–that never makes it back alive.


In a small South Carolina town, a stranger calling himself Charles Gabriel seeks desperate help from a beautiful psychiatrist. But while irresistible sexual passions are stirred by supernatural powers, the town falls victim to a horrifyingly rampant surge of an unearthly evil.


Torn by his loyalty to a centuries-old, unholy brotherhood, the Vampire longs to be freed from his hunger, but he has become the prey of those who seek vengeance against him. Now the only escape is Death. . . .


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4 Responses to Vampire Hunter Review

  1. I don’t tend to read much on vampires, but this actually sounds interesting! Thanks for the review! I’m reading “Catching Fire”, the second book in The Hunger Games series, so I can be ready for the movie! (Yep, I’m the nerd that has to read the book before I see the movie LOL)

  2. I’ve never heard of these before, sounds interesting, I might have to see if they have it online =) Thanks for the recommendation!

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