A year away…

It has been a year since I wrote on this blog….hmm I am not sure how I feel about that. In some respect I am okay with it. This blog was never to be a everyday writing venue, but still I did think I would have wrote in it more.   The other part of me is sad that I have not wrote more, to me that means work and life have taken over. I guess that is the way life works right?

Well that is okay, I can work with this!

A lot has changed in that year that I have been “away” lol. For one we moved…..far away….as in on the other side of the country lol. We were in Arizona and as of right before Christmas we are now back in Florida on our way to (maybe) South Carolina.

We put our house in AZ up for sale on Dec 31st and thankfully it sold back in Jan. So we do not have to think about it getting broken into or sitting on the market for a long time. We have a house here in FL that we have been renting out but are back now to do some repairs and updates while we look at houses in SC.

Do you have any areas in SC you love? We are looking at the Charleston area.

So my blogs title is Golden in the Valley and I started this blog out there in AZ and thought the name was fitting because of the town we lived in “Golden Valley” lol. Even the photo on the front page is from there. It was one of the mountains we could see from our back porch. Such a lovely view. It always reminded me of a far away castle and castle walls.

Now I will have to see if I decide to keep the name or not, but I can update the photo. I kinda like Golden in the Valley and even with our move to SC we will still have a valley to enjoy as we like houses with lots and lots of land.

So is anyone still out there? What do you think of the name? Have you ever left your blog for months at a time?

Until we meet again…


About Golden In The Valley

Just a girl married to an English Gentleman with 3 girls, 3 dogs, some fish, and some goats.
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