Unknown Lost Treasure

Have you ever looked for one thing and found something else?  Something you did not even know you were looking for?

I found a lost treasure, a treasure I did not even know existed.

What was that treasure? A letter. A love letter. A handwritten love letter. A old handwritten love letter.

My family and friends know that I have pen pals. I love writing to people. I love getting that handwritten letter in the mail. I love reading about what is going on in other peoples lives. I love history.  I love learning about different cultures and ways of life. I love knowing someone took the time to write a letter.

So last month my hubby and I were driving across country and we stopped in this huge antique mall called Whoopie Bowl in El Paso, TX. This place is wonderful and if you ever have the chance to stop in I high recommend it! While we were looking around, and we never did get to see everything lol, I found a book section. I love books!!  As I was looking over them I found a victory garden book called Crockett’s Victory Gardens. I love reading about victory gardens, so of course I got the book.  Afterwards we got back on the road and I started looking through the book. Well almost to the very back of the book I found a letter.

11 pages of yellowed note pad paper, handwritten to May from her Sister-In-Law on April 22nd, 1924 in Corsicana Texas.

No not a love letter, but a letter none the less. History. Real Lives.

And a new fascination for me…..

Until we meet again….


About Golden In The Valley

Just a girl married to an English Gentleman with 3 girls, 3 dogs, some fish, and some goats.
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