To May, Corsicana TX, April 22nd 1924

Below is the letter I wrote about a few days ago.

FYI: The writer wrote on a note pad and put page numbers at the top of each page so I have included these in between the paragraphs. I do not correct any spellings, just type word for word. Enjoy.


Corsicana, Tex

Apr 22, 1924

Dearest May:

I have been intending to write you for several months but have been real busy. I went to Dallas yesterday & spent the day. My sweetie came from Abilene & we spent the day together.

He gave me a beautiful engagement ring. It is over 1/2 carat perfect stone & the mounting is platinum.



I am going to get married the first part of June if I don’t change my mind.

You will see I am writing this letter on the installment plan but I had to stop & go to work.

I rec’d the pretty Easter card which you sent me & I was glad to be remember by you.

This is certainly a pretty day & I presume it is much warmer here than


it is in Ariz. I was surprised to learn that you are in Arizona as I thought you was teaching near Clovis.

Mama gave me a beautiful Walnut, cedar lined “Hope Chest Xmas & I have been trying to get something in it before I get married but haven’t much.

I have six sheets a few pillow cases, material for bed spread, lunch cloth & cup towels.


I have several hand towels, cup towels & about six pieces of aluminum.

While I was in Abilene I bought a beautiful dinner set of imported china, 40 pieces & they are stored there with six gobblets, six sherberts & a pitcher which are of thin cut glass.

I have about decided that I wont have time to make anything else other than tedds gown etc.

I have material to make a honey dew voile gown but I don’t even expect to get it made.

We are all tickled that you and Pat are married & I hope you will be happy together. When are you going to Breckenridge?  I know you cant hardly wait. Fleming (my sweetie) & myself are going to get married down here at the parsonage. His mother wants to come but I don’t want any one there. Would you? If we had a


nice home I wouldn’t mind having anyone but as we are not going to marry at home I don’t want anyone.

He wants to marry on the seventh of June & I want it to be on the tenth.

I wish I was all ready married so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Write & tell me all about it, if the ceremony scared you etc. I count the days every day.


The time seems long. I was operated on in Feb. Had my tonsils & adenoids removed & the ether surely did make me sick.  I feel so much better & haven’t been bothered with sore throat. Pats tonsils are in a very bad condition & I wish he would have them removed.

Bad tonsils cause so many diseases & poisons the system so I am extremely


glad mine are gone even if I did have a hard time when they were removed.

Joan is with us now. She surely is a sweet child but will not say “please” “yes mam” etc. She is real pretty too.

I have some sweet peas & nasturtiums about six inches high & of course I am real proud of them.

If you have any pictures I wish you would send them even if you want them back I will return them.

I would give anything to be in Arizona, however I imagine it is very much like New Mex. After living in Tex. I wouldn’t think of going back to New Mex again.

Heres hoping you will excuse me for writing with a pencil & also excuse the English


I use. Since I am no longer a school teacher I feel free to say anything to suit myself & it is a fine feeling too.

Fleming wants me to bob my hair but mama objects. How do you like bobbed hair. I know it is cool & easy to comb.

This is about all the “raving on” I can do this time. I guess I will see


you sometime this summer. Abilene is about 70 miles from Breckenridge.

Write me real soon & tell me about the wedding n everything.

Lots of love,

Your sister in law

When Pat wrote of you he spoke of you as being the “Little Dear”

The End.

Until we meet again….


About Golden In The Valley

Just a girl married to an English Gentleman with 3 girls, 3 dogs, some fish, and some goats.
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